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Deep Roots Farm is a family owned farm based on the North Fork of Long Island. We specialize in pasture raised pigs, chickens, and eggs alongside our regular fruits and vegetables.

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About The Farm


We are a small family farm located on the East End of Long Island with a focus on sustainability.  With every decision we make, we take into account its effect on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

   This philosophy of farming has led us to create an incredibly diversified farm. We raise several types of livestock in unison with fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.  We constantly rotate different species of animals through our fields so they get a varied diet and help with pest control, soil health, and fertility.
When farming with nature there are too many variables to achieve a perfect system. But as we learn and grow, we strive to do better each season. We are working to find the proper balance of livestock and other crops based on what our land needs and our customers want. As a result, we won’t always have everything you’re looking for in our Farm Store, but we do promise that whatever we sell, we have raise ourselves, right here in Southold.

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57685 NY-25
Southold, NY 11971



Daylight Hours
7 Days A Week



+1 (631) 745-7928


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The Store is Self Serve!

If you need assistance;
please call or text us!

Tom —
+1 (631) 745-7928

Michelle —
+1 (631) 903-7533

If you want to order items in advance, see what’s currently available, or take a tour of the farm; please email us at before you visit.

*Depending on the season, we sell pork, chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers as well as sauces, pestos, and pickled vegetables.