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Our Pledge

Our animals will spend their lives on our pastures eating bugs, grass and weeds. Their diet will be supplemented with organically grown grain. We use no GMOs, antibiotics or hormones.

Our vegetables will be grown with no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. We strive to follow practices of sustainable eco-agriculture which include minimal tilling, using cover crops and on-farm composting for fertility, and trying to co-exist with the animals that want to eat our animals and the bugs that want to eat everythinG else.

We hope this approach will enhance the biodiversity of our farm while giving us plenty of clean, nutritious food.



Help Us Plow the Way for the Future

We are a small farm on north fork of long island.

We grow many different types of vegetables

with a focus on sustainable practices.

We also raise heritage breed hogs out on our pastures, rotating them throughout the season along with our meat chickens and egg layers.

Our local farm is family owned since 2012 in southold, ny


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Since we believe community based organic agriculture is the best for the land, the animals, our family we use organic practices and sell locally. 


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